Pathway: My Default Pathway by Emily Eyre

1 x A4 black photograph album; 34 vellum pages; 24 x colour prints, Mixed, Presentation book containing Sally Potter's notes on the film and colour photographs of Tilda Swinton at Hatfield House

A4 pages, Paper, Typed notes on Virginia Woolf's ideas about the future for women

Role of childbearing/rearing in the life of a woman

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Film Stills - Scene 65 - Angel (Jimmy Somerville) in the film

Video file, Digital, Screen Test - Quentin Crisp reading Elizabeth I

Page 108 of revised draft script for Orlando. Black printed text on A4 paper bound with a plastic comb spine

high falsetto voice for gender transformation

Black and white A4 computer printed, Paper, Revised draft of screenplay

very high male castrato voice
- blurring gender constrictions