Pathway: Weather and Orlando by Emily Blagdon

Throughout the film, the weather and natural surroundings constantly change. While looking through the archive, I began to pick up on the different moods based on the different weather climates. Mourning, sadness, and negative images often appear while the weather is cold, snowy, and dark. When the weather is sunny and pleasant, there is more light hearted music in the background and the story line is on a more positive note. The weather in Orlando is not only a representation of the area in which the scene is meant to be set but it seems to also be used as an aid in creating a specific mood and tone for the audience to pick up on.

medium shot of Euphrosyne shouting at Orlando and throwing her engagement ring on the ground

Euphrosyne ends her engagement with Orlando while ice-skating in cold, snowy weather. The ending of relationship evokes sadness, as does the weather they are surrounded by.

Archduke Harry pulling Orlando's hand towards his chest to begin his proposal

Here we see Archduke Harry proposing to Orlando and showing signs of love and affection while the weather around them is sunny and birds can be heard in the background, alluding to a beautiful day and a positive mood.

Page 57 of revised draft script for Orlando. Black printed text on A4 paper bound with a plastic comb spine

Images of sunlight and the sounds of nature are heard as Orlando is approached sleeping peacefully in bed. Calmness and serenity are associated with the nice weather that is in this scene.

Overhead shot of woman lying dead in frozen ice of River Thames, her lap full of red apples.

This shot shows a woman lying dead underneath a sheet of ice. The close proximity of the ice and how it caused the death display the way this weather caused such horrible acts.

Black and white A4 computer printed with handwritten annotations, bound into book, Paper,Orlando Sally Potter’s Shooting Script page 9 front

This scene is focusing on mourning and sadness among the characters and also describes how they are surrounded by falling snow. The weather helps to form this solemn environment for the viewers.

8x10" black and white photograph of Clorinda, Favilla and Euphrosyne in funeral procession

The characters are dressed fully in black and are mourning while surrounded by snow, ice, and cold weather.