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Weather and Orlando by Emily Blagdon, Student

Throughout the film, the weather and natural surroundings constantly change. While looking through the archive, I began to pick up on the different moods based on the different weather climates. Mourning, sadness, and negative images often appear while the weather is cold, snowy, and dark. When the weather is sunny and pleasant, there is more light hearted music in the background and the story line is on a more positive note. The weather in Orlando is not only a representation of the area in which the scene is meant to be set but it seems to also be used as an aid in creating a specific mood and tone for the audience to pick up on.

Can't die by Harry McDowell, Student

Description 8x10" black and white photograph of Clorinda, Favilla and Euphrosyne in funeral procession
Asset ID SPA0001272
Scene Number 9