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orlando intertextuality by Emily Andrews,

Creating your own online ‘pathway’, use the SP-ARK multi-media archive to reflect upon and illustrate the intertextual nature of Orlando (1928 and 1992).

Adapting Orlando: From Word to World by Aniya Das, Student

In writing Orlando, Virginia Woolf had to her disposal the infinite power of the English language. Using her imaginative flair for writing, Woolf was able to vividly describe and create the world in which Orlando lives; we are transported through time, and to incredible landscapes all across the globe with ease. Sally Potter then, had the largely more difficult task of physically recreating this diegetic world. Through this pathway I will explore the real life locations Potter used to create Orlando's world, and the reasons behind these choices.

Description 3 1/2"x5" photographs, Photographic paper, Photographs of Khiva location recce, exteriors, featuring associate producer Anya Vronskaya, Major of Khiva, Sally Potter, Stalin Volkoff, production designer Jan Roelfs, producer Christopher Sheppard, translator
Asset ID SPA0000616
Date 01/02/1990