Pathway: My Pathway by Ally Margolis

Video file, Digital, Venice Film Festival Press Conference

Potter's response to the question on gender roles in the movie was very inciteful. She said the film celebrates identifty and the freedom of men from masculinity's constraints, along with freedom of women from femininities contraints.

5"x8" colour prints, Photographic paper, Photograph of black-and-silver costume for 1600: Love

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Slides, Photographic Slides of Hatfield House location recces, interior and exterior

1x A4 Black card, 10x A4 Double side printed text and image document, Paper, Cannes Prospectus

Video file, Digital, Selected Scene Commentary by Sally Potter

potter remarks on the beginning part of the movie (where Orlando is a man) that Orlando must be accepted by the audience as a man even though he looks somewhere in the middle. They choose not to use fake mustaches or sideburns