Pathway: Pre Production by William Preisner

Watercolour mounted on black card, with b/w photocopy, Paper, Painting of tents on frozen Thames

I assume that this painting was produced by Sally potter herself. The extent of her artistic ability across a variety of art forms within the production of the film as a whole really links to her potential status as an auteur. This painting clearly supports this standing.

1 x A4 black photograph album; 34 vellum pages; 24 x colour prints, Mixed, Presentation book containing Sally Potter's notes on the film and colour photographs of Tilda Swinton at Hatfield House

I find this book of partiular interest. The immaculate presentation and clear and concise nature really reflects the challenge of trying to find finance for the film. It is intersting the balance between keeping it short and sweet to retain interest whilst providing all relevant information to the potential backers of the film.

A4 pages, handwritten in pencil, Paper, Handwritten notes on intertitles, with sketches and key quotes