Pathway: Narrative & Identity by Genevieve Havemeyer-King

Concept & contextualization: Potter's exploration of identity and self-narrative through a multiplicity of histories.

Page 6 of general notes on Orlando, black printed text on A4 paper

Contextualization through criticism & historical events

A4 pages, Paper, Typed notes on Virginia Woolf's ideas about the future for women

Exploration of Potter's research into Woolf's perspective; how have narratives changed over time? How can they be translated?

Coloured pencil, mounted on black card, Paper, Sketch of bedroom

Sketches & drawings give meaning to the aesthetic / visual elements, and promote understanding of Potter's visual focal points - how they help deliver narratives.

Black and white hand-drawn sketches, Paper, Orlando storyboard page 33

examining storyboarding may reveal the process of conception for key visual motifs within the story - a raw snapshot of the visual elements important to each scene.