Pathway: Orlando in the East by Christine Gledhill

This pathway is interested in role of the East in Orlando's journey

Watermarked paper, handwritten, with wax seal, Paper, [front] Letter from artist Christopher Hobbs concerning his set paintings for

An interesting note from Christopher Hobbs concerning his paintings for the sets - particularly since this is the first indication I have so far found of thinking about how to represent the (mythical) "East." He expresses the need for a sense of the "exotic" for Orlando's last view of Constantinople - a view we don't get in the film. How far was there an intention to explode the 'East' from within as Sally Potter in her discussion of the film suggests of the different ideas about the time period? This seems to be a curative episode, in which perhaps it is English perceptions of their role in the East which are exploded: the need of an 'otherness' that speaks back and creates new imaginary spaces is preserved.

Music design page 4, Handwritten in blue and red pen on white paper, Paper

Uzbek musical sounds - minor key over battle scene and the dying, held over Orlando's sleep, preparing for transition and shifting into the major and "spacey" music for his change of sex - echoes of Jimmy Somerville's concluding song as falsetto angel. Contributes sense of the liminal, transitional, process over fixed identities.

Orlando Music Breakdown - Provisional, Black and white A4 computer printed, Paper

Musical sounds and voice of the former Soviet East, with Orlando in Khiva. Given his disappointed love of the Russian Sasha and his disappointed poetic ambitions, it's interesting that his desire to escape to romantic foreign parts lies in this direction -- is this in Virginia Woolf's novel or a new invention?

Colour A4 Text Document, Paper, Khiva Location Continuity sheet

Khiva gets me to the East with Orlando. Well perhaps not the imaginary "EAST". According to Wikipedia via Google: Khiva is a city of approximately 50,000 people located in Xorazm Province, Uzbekistan. It is the former capital of Khwarezmia and the Khanate of Khiva. Itchan Kala in Khiva was the first site in Uzbekistan to be inscribed in the World Heritage List. Wikipedia

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Tilda Swinton, Lothaire Bluteau, Penny Eyles (Script Supervisor), Sally Potter and Crew on location for Scene 36

Found under search term 'desert;'

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Film Stills - Scene 46 - Khan (Lothaire Bluteau) and Twins in the film

Under Development/research using search term desert the same 7 film stills crop up - using Khan 93 production stills. This one sets the Khan in his social/political background and the caption mentions his being accompanied by 'twins.' Is this part of an earlier version of the script?

6x4" full length colour photograph of quilted blue jacket for The Khan

Found under Development/Design using search term Khan - this image is one of a series of 93 displaying the Khan in various scenes.

long shot of fire in desert surrounded by people and Khivan musicians

I was looking for the East through the search term 'desert' under scriptwriting, but only these images already found re-appeared. However, the final image round the fire shows Orlando being transported by the Arabic song - his Englishness beginning to dissolve.

medium shot of the Khan in the desert making a toast to England and drinking

Looking for the role of the East under search term "desert" 7 film stills appeared. Here we are in the desert as Orlando is entertained by the Khan - his toast is to "England's green and pleasant land" - quoting Blake/Parrys' "Jerusalem" - I wonder if there is a touch of irony here; Orlando and the audience positioned as the 'exotic'? This seems to be a look back from the East to the West. Orlando's foppish behaviour strengthens this perception.