Pathway: The Royal Pathway by Emily Nabasny

Page 6 of set design sketches showing Queen Elizabeth's throne room. Black ink on white A4

This set design sketch portrays how the audience is meant to view Queen Elizabeth I in this scene. It aids the researcher in that it shows how we are meant to view her. There are a number of ways to interpret this scene such as comparing the grandeur of the set itself to the frailty of the character, examining angles on set compared to the camera choices that visually defined the character, and even in considering how the seating might reflect her power compared to those that surround her.

Video file, Digital, Screen Test - Quentin Crisp reading Elizabeth I

Important in understanding why actor was chosen and why Elizabeth was portrayed this way. Helps to explore the idea of gender as performance.

Video file, Digital, Selected Scene Commentary by Sally Potter

Sally Potter briefly discusses the choice of Quentin Crisp for the role of Queen Elizabeth

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Behind the Scenes Images - Quentin Crisp in makeup

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Film Stills - Scene 7 - Queen Elizabeth I (Quentin Crisp) and (Tilda Swinton) in the film

8x10" black and white photograph of Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth I