Pathway: The importance of the bedroom in Orlando by Heather Wilson

I have found various assets which suggest that the bedroom represents a place of comfort, change, and re-birth for Orlando. During any significant lapse of time, when Orlando primarily addresses the camera, and when Orlando transforms from a male to a female he is in the Bedroom. The assets I have compiled demonstrate how this room is important based on the design of the bedroom and the various scenes that revolve around the bedroom.

overhead shot of Orlando removing wig

This scene represents a period of re-birth for Orlando. By shedding the wig he is being female. The importance of this scene is the fact that Orlando is in his bedroom.

Extreme close up of Queen Elizabeth taking a rolled parchment from her blouse

Queen Elizabeth summoned Orlando to her bedroom to give him the deed to her house. This scene takes place in Queen Elizabeth's bedroom.

Orlando Reel Breakdown Cut Scenes, Black and white A4 computer printed, annotated in pencil, Paper

It seems as though the majority of significant events take place in the bedroom. On this asset, one can see that the final two flashbacks take place in the bedroom.

Page 43 of second draft script for Orlando. Black printed text with pencil annotations on A4 paper bound with a plastic comb spine

The final two flashbacks on this asset discuss flashbacks. Both of these flashbacks take place in a bedroom and prove to be significant events in Orlando's life. Big moments of change happen when Orlando is in the bedroom.

Orlando seeing herself nude in the mirror as a woman, side profile

The first time that Orlando sees herself as a women is in the bedroom. He awakes from his sleep in a new time period and realizes that he has grown breasts and is now female. This is another significant change in Orlando's life.

Black and white hand-drawn sketches, Paper, Orlando Set Design sketch 13 - Orlando’s Turkish Bedroom

I believe this sketch of the Orlando's bedroom demonstrates how significant this space is. The bed is in the center of the room and is quite exquisite.

Revised draft script for Orlando, black printed text on white A4 paper with annotations in pencil, page 5, front

If you look at the bottom of my page, there is a description of Orlando lying in his bed. He addresses the camera and discusses the poem he read to the Queen. There are numerous times when Orlando addresses the camera throughout the film, the majority of these addresses happen in the bedroom. From this, we can conclude that the bedroom is a place of comfort for Orlando, a place where he feels safe.