Pathway: Use of Children in Orlando by Amy Atkins

"Do not fade. Do not wither. Do not grow old." Is the message Queen Elizabeth I gives Orlando with the gift of eternal life and in researching the archives, I discovered that children are rather prevalent in the film. The film parallels the theme of eternal life with children as symbols of the beginning of life.

Extreme close up of Queen Elizabeth placing Orlando's head in her lap

Queen Elizabeth's message to Orlando, "Do not fade, do not wither, do not grow old." A foreshadowing of what to come in the film.

Orlando's daughter running towards her, and camera, with video camera in hand

The film concludes with two scenes of Orlando and her daughter, with a speak over discussing how Orlando has finally let go of the past and found that her life had just begun. It is somewhat ironic that it took Orlando's character to have a child, one who contains the gift of youth, to be at peace with herself.

Close up of daugther in sidecar looking up and smiling

The close up of the daughter smiling represents the happiness of youth, something that Orlando had struggled with because her outside appearance never changed but she lost the innocence of adolescence over her several years of life.

8x10" black and white photograph of Orlando and daughter in grounds of Great House

A photograph of Orlando and daughter, showing the contrast between the two, and how passionately Orlando looks at her daughter.

Orlando walking through streets of Khiva, following guard surrounded by children.

Use of other children within the movie, I believe that it is key that the children's laughter is a part of this scene.

Page 11 of main sequence storyboards showing Euphrosyne fallen on the ice, Orlando and Sasha escaping from the Royal enclosure, handdrawn in black ink on white A4.

An original storyboard, the last part shows children within the original idea.

Page 154 of rough draft of scene 150, scene 151. Hand written in black ink with pen annotations.

In this draft and the one below, Potter sketches Orlando looking onward at children who are playing warlike pretend games.

Page 153 of rough draft of scene 150. Hand written in black ink with pen annotations.

Page 63 of rough draft of scene 71, scene 72. Black text on white A4 with pen annotations.

Another reference of children, significant because one is patted on the head, showing the relationship between old and young.