Pathway: Khiva Desert Music by Kelli Bruno

This pathway follows one musical cue from production to the finished film. Although it may go unnoticed, the music overlaps between two scenes and transitions from non-diegetic to diegetic.

Orlando Music Breakdown - Provisional, Black and white A4 computer printed, Paper

This document lists the music cues in Orlando from scene 1 to 60. I decided to pick one cue and explore it from various angles of production through to the finished film. I picked scene 41: "Traveling musicians song recital - a woman sings." Then underneath, in barely visible handwriting, it says "plays live."

Music design page 3, Handwritten in blue and red pen on white paper, Paper

These hand-written notes list specific sounds and musical keys that will coincide with their respective scenes. At the very bottom it says "falcon flies towards them" and "Uzbek music starts."

Black and white A4 computer printed with handwritten annotations, bound into book, Paper,Orlando Sally Potter’s Shooting Script page 49 front

In this version of the script - the 'shooting' script - the falcon flies away from Khan at the beginning of the scene. Because the Uzbekistan music extends into the next scene however, the falcon shot had to be switched to the end so it would coincide with the music.

Black and white A4 Text Document, Digital, Finished screenplay as published by Faber and Faber

The published script however, reflects the finished film for this music cue - here it shows the falcon shot at the end of the scene.

Orlando Reel Breakdown version 2 Reel 6 page 6, Black and white A4 computer printed, annotated in pencil, Paper

The breakdown of reel 6 contains 9 scenes. Scene 41: "Orlando and the Kahn sit round a bonfire listening to folk songs." This scene comes directly after scene 40 with the falcon shot which is where the music begins - seemingly as the soundtrack. Yet from this breakdown we can see the music becomes folk songs that the characters listen to. Clearly Sally Potter is playing with non-diegetic versus diegetic music.

medium shot of the Khan demonstrating falconry to Orlando.

A clip from the finished film. The Uzbekistan music begins as the falcon flys towards the Kahn.

long shot of fire in desert surrounded by people and Khivan musicians

The next clip from the finished film - the music becomes diegetic as they sit around the campfire and the woman begins to sing.