Pathway: Orlando\'s Look Directly At The Camera by Stephanie Hirlemann

I compiled various assets about how Orlando looks at the camera. While I was watching the film, I noticed that it was a specific stylistic choice. By sifting through the documents, this knowing look from Orlando meant to address the viewers. In Sally Potter's commentary, she explains the direct look exemplifies a “kind of release… a kind of flying out of the historical period right into the present moment." These random moments when Orlando looks at the camera brings a sense of knowing and feeling that the viewers can relate to.

Video file, Digital, Selected Scene Commentary by Sally Potter

At minute 3:30, Sally Potter comments on Orlando's knowing look. She explains the direct look into the camera brings a sort of complicity to the scenes.

Page 4 of early developmental handwritten notes and ideas on Orlando, black pen and pencil on A4 lined paper in pad

Sally Potter notes the benefits of cinema... Her use of the direct look at the camera is a clear example of her use of the medium's possibilities.

Black and white A4 Text Document, Digital, Finished screenplay as published by Faber and Faber

I remembered watching the first scene and being shocked when Orlando looked directly at the camera and spoke directly to me, the viewers.

Handwritten notes marked "1" in red ink on white A4 paper

The camera moves to a close up of Orlando before he looks at the camera.

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Film Stills - Scene 4 - (Tilda Swinton) in the film

One of her first moments of acknowledging the presence of the camera.

Black and white A4 computer printed with handwritten annotations, bound into book, Paper, Orlando Sally Potter’s Shooting Script page 77 front

This is another example of her look to the camera. It exemplifies a questionable look as she remains in a transitory movement through time periods.

1 x colour slide in transparent plastic hanging sheet, Digital, Film Stills - Scene 54 - (Tilda Swinton) and Shelmerdine (Billy Zane) in the film

She breaks from character to show us her feeling of the fallen man.