Pathway: Gestation in Orlando by Kristen Bucaria

These assets that I've linked together in this pathway show that the whole film is meant to be a gestation period until the end (the present) when Orlando and her child are born. Rather than showing actual birth though, Sally Potter decided to follow "BIRTH" with a story draft for a publisher to read. The draft in the film is presumably a culmination of the entire story of Orlando's life, that we just saw. We might think also about the film as (figuratively) Sally Potter's child, based on these findings.

Page 4 of general notes on Orlando, black printed text on A4 paper

β€œThe feeling is of racing through history as if in a long incubation period – the present moment is like a birth. The feeling leading up to it one of blood racing through the veins – a pounding of the hear, expectancy, towards a moment of delivery.”

medium shot of Publisher

The Draft was thrown on the publisher's desk right after the text "BIRTH" appeared on screen... seems to insinuate that the draft is Orlando's (or maybe even Sally Potter's) child.

Page 3 of storylines. A4 typed page that has been cut in half.

Storyline: "Orlando is born" followed by "Orlando gives birth"

Perhaps Orlando is born means the draft of the story/film of Orlando... as evidenced by the final film when the publisher receives her "draft."

Page 2 of general notes on Orlando, black printed text on A4 paper

The sounds of the film should mimic the sounds a baby might hear in the womb.

8x10" black and white photograph of Orlando and daughter in grounds of Great House

We never actually see Orlando give birth, we just see her with her daughter.