Pathway: My Default Pathway by Yaiza Tormo Coronado

Mood sheet continued, Black and white A3 computer printed, Paper

Here, looking just to the point of "clothes shape" we could note the importance that the custome has in this film, beause of the changes in the weather, the changes in the seasons or the change in the times or in the place.

Orlando’s Costumes by Scene page 1, Black and white A4 computer printed, Paper

List of scene, period and year. Typed A4 sheet.

6x4" full length colour photograph of quilted blue jacket for The Khan

This s another example of the different periods of time represented into the film. In this case we could observe a photograph of one of the customes of The Khan. Here we find a male custome. The main thing we could underline is the big blue jacket, and the strange kind of hat that he wears in his head.

Orlando Music Breakdown - Provisional, Black and white A4 computer printed, Paper

Here we can observe how in each period of the film there is a different kind of music that makes us to be closer to the place that is represented into the film.

5"x8" colour prints, Photographic paper, Photograph of black-and-silver costume for 1600: Love

In my pathway, I am going to comment the different times where the movie Orlando is placed, and as well as their different costumes or sounds used in the movie. In this case, this is a female custome of the Jacobean era. The Jacobean era refers to the period in English and Scottish history that coincides with the reign of King James VI (1567–1625) of Scotland, who also inherited the crown of England in 1603 as James I. Into the jacobean era the women used to dress lots of large skirts like in this image and a decorated top of the dress.